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Published on the 08 April 2014

Outsourcing facilities management is often a complex process, and needs to be aligned closely to the client’s requirements. The recent case study below, produced about Alan Bainbridge - Property and Facilities Management Director at the BBC, explains what the BBC was looking for in its outsourcing provider, and why it chose Interserve to deliver facilities management services across the whole of its UK estate.

Alan comments, “Good FM should add value for you to do your business. Deducting a service to save money leaves the business underserved. So we’ve spent a lot of time with the bidders to get benchmark indicators that will lead to improved behaviour and improved performance.”

Download RICS case studies PDF, go to page 13

Watch a short presentation of the BBC case study discussing how FM is integral to making a workplace tick.

To find out why the BBC believes read about the contract
“Interserve’s bid was doing as I described; doing that extra bit that convinced us that they would give us good service. The same price but good, excellent service.”

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Alan Bainbridge


Property and Facilities Management Director, BBC

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