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National Equality Standard

The Company is committed to providing equality of opportunity for all workers and job applicants, where all decisions are based on merit. It aims to create a working environment in which everyone is treated fairly, with dignity and respect, and is able to use and develop their skills free from discrimination or harassment.

We are proud that we have been certified against the National Equality Standard which sets clear equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) criteria against which companies are assessed. The NES is the first standard developed by businesses to bring clarity and consistency in their efforts to tackle inequality and promote inclusion. To be awarded the NES, a company must undertake a robust assessment against a defined set of criteria across 7 standards. Expert NES assessors review documentation, ensure legal compliance, conduct comprehensive interviews and sample staff through in-depth surveys.

Diversity is central to the Company’s business, and it greatly values the benefits it derives from having a diverse workforce with a rich mix of skills, experience, ages, cultural background and gender.

Interserve acknowledges the value of each and every individual and is committed to supporting, engaging and developing its workers to allow everyone the opportunity to fulfil their potential and to develop and progress within the company based on personal contribution and ability.

Maintaining a work environment that is free of harassment and bullying and where everyone is treated with dignity and respect are important aspects of ensuring equality and diversity in the workplace.

At Interserve, we have networking, mentoring and growth opportunities through employee groups such as our Women in Interserve Network (WIN) which promotes equality and diversity by providing a network and dedicated events to share ideas about a variety of topics including bias in the workplace, development opportunities, diverse ways of working.

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