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ATM and EPOS cleaning

    IT hygiene

Specialist ATM and EPOS sanitising.

With over 400 specialist staff dedicated to cleaning ATMs and vital retail electronic equipment for some of the UK’s best-known high street names. Our services include:

ATM cleaning

We use specialist chemicals and techniques to sanitise cashpoint machines, reducing the risk of cross-contamination, improving their appearance and minimising downtime. In an age where ATMs are not just cash dispensers but also advertising vehicles, we can perform a number of value-added services such as estate audits, decal replacement and other minor maintenance tasks.

Self-service checkout cleaning

Failure to keep self-service checkouts clean not only creates an unsanitary appearance, but can also lead to maintenance issues. Standard cleaning methods are insufficient to keep equipment in full working order and prevent queues. Interserve’s trained hygienists deploy a range of techniques to ensure self-service checkouts are cleaned thoroughly. We can also conduct audits to help you ensure consistent standards are maintained.

Retail checkout and EPOS chip and pin

Today, the majority of sale transactions involve checkouts and Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) systems. Consumers expect to be able to pay quickly by credit or debit card and will not tolerate slow, malfunctioning or dirty equipment. Interserve has decades of experience in this type of specialist cleaning. Our trained hygienists will visit your premises to clean EPOS/chip and pin equipment and sanitise external surfaces. By cleaning the card swipe mechanism with specialist cloths and solutions, they help reduce the occurrence of unread cards.

IT hygiene

We clean over 22,000 ATMs for banks and building societies. #didyouknow

Local government

Interserve is an intelligent and strategic partner with deep experience of supporting local government.


Interserve is committed to supporting economic growth by generating employment opportunities; and helping create vibrant high streets, retail parks and shopping centres for communities around the UK.


The buildings in which businesses operate are vital to a functioning economy and a productive workforce.

Interserve is the third largest Facilities Management provider in the UK #FM
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