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Workplace management

    Workplace management


We understand that the effective use of space throughout the workplace is often overlooked by occupiers, with the average office building operating at just 60 per cent capacity. Understanding an occupier’s needs and leveraging the space effectively can increase collaboration and productivity, while decreasing operating costs and minimising any unnecessary use of space.

Our solution, The Living Office™ enables us to deploy a system of measurement, analysis, redesign and change management to maximise workplace effectiveness and deliver cost savings to our customers. The Living Office™ offers solutions for reducing waste and lowering emissions, increasing productivity and collaboration, improving organisational behaviour, as well as aiding in employee satisfaction and retention – all through transforming building interiors.

Our online portal allows customers to access and review data on how their building and environment is performing. We analyse this data to support our customers to identify improvement performance opportunities, and develop a plan to ensure the effective management of their environment.

Our ability to develop unique solutions for effective workplace management is enhanced by the partnerships we have built with a panel of experts, including interior designers, internal landscapers and fit-out specialists.

As workplace changes are implemented, our team liaises with customers and their employees to offer full support during any transitional periods and ensure business continuity.

Developing productive, sustainable and cost effective working environments ensures our customers’ business continue to perform – from the inside out.

The workplace is often overlooked by occupiers, the average office building only operates at 60% #workplacemanagement #fm @InterserveNews


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