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Ascension Island


Keeping the airfield running.

Ascension IslandWideawake Airfield at Ascension Island is an invaluable link and airhead for the South Atlantic, especially the Falkland Islands and St Helena. Keeping this airhead operational is therefore vital to the military people and freight using the island.

Interserve was initially engaged to deliver infrastructure management and maintenance but our key skills in integrating the management of diverse services into one efficient solution led to the addition of a broader range of services including:

  • Catering (including in-flight catering)
  • Cleaning
  • Transit aircraft operational support
  • Security
  • Maintenance and operation of the MoD vehicle fleet
  • Administration
  • Fire services

Close collaboration with the MoD and the Ascension Island Government enables us to provide the right kind of flexible support they need in order to carry out their duties in what are often challenging conditions.


Producing and serving fresh, tasty meals that support and enhance government nutritional standards.


In a climate of new regulations, cost-efficiencies and challenging economic conditions, clients are looking beyond simply a guard-focused security service.

Facilities management

Interserve has been providing facilities management services to UK industries for over 20 years.


To ensure your building or estate gets a superior clean, the first thing we do is apply some simple science to it.

We work collaboratively with the MOD and the Ascension Island Government to deliver a flexible solution in challenging conditions #AscensionIsland

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