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Building Information Model

    Building Information Model

Why we are addicted to BIM

Leading the way on complex and challenging projects.

Our customers rightly expect us to deliver best value and reduce project risk. 

Before BIM arrived we knew that transparent collaboration between the multiple designers, construction professional and end users is the key to the efficient and economic delivery and operation of your facilities. 

Building Information Modelling (BIM) has emerged as a proven means of providing this well-structured approach but only when complimented by a strict development protocol, collaborative team ethic and transparent information exchange controls.

Championing BIM right from the top

Interserve is committed to BIM and ensuring that our clients experience the full benefits of digital collaboration. As a result, our Executive board have endorsed a clear BIM strategy to meet the Government’s Level 2 BIM requirements to ensure we are BIM compliant by the end of 2015.

This is further supported by our BIM policy and an ambitious roadmap which exceeds the Government’s Level 2 targets and envisions Interserve embedding BIM processes into the heart of its operations on our journey to a more ‘scientific’ Interserve.

First Contractor to receive Level 2 BIM Certification

First contractor to receive level 2 BIM certificate

Interserve were the first contractor to be assessed and certified under the BRE’s BIM Level 2 Business Certification Scheme in May 2015. This demonstrates that Interserve have the policies and procedures in place to competently deliver BIM Level 2 on projects in line with the Government’s 2016 mandate, meeting the requirements of PAS 1192-2:2013.

Award Winning BIM experience

Our current implementation of BIM on projects is already earning us recognition within the industry. Not only were Interserve chosen to take on the Government’s first BIM early adopter project, but our work with the Ministry of Justice at HMYOI Cookham Wood was awarded Constructing Excellence’s BIM Project of the Year Award at this year’s London and South East Awards.

Integrated BIM – standard practice for Interserve

Achieving true BIM is not just about having the right technology in place – a cultural shift in the way we work to an open collaborative environment that allows for knowledge to be shared is allowing us to lead the BIM agenda. This collaboration fuels clearer communication, allowing us to make informed decisions and ensure we get the design right first time.

We’re also looking inward and at Interserve’s own culture to ensure we have a consistent approach across our project teams. We’ve been holding our internal BIM Awards as a means of highlighting good practice internally, across the board to foster the cultural shift that we believe is essential to achieving true BIM.

Our commitment to ensuring everyone involved on a project is able to navigate around a model and locate the relevant data supports our policy of engaging our supply chain early on in the process to ensure they have the relevant knowledge and skills to deliver a BIM project. All our supply chain members undergo an assessment to not only allow us to determine their BIM capability but also work to plug any gaps through specialised training and support.

An open BIM policy

When it comes to technology and software, we pride ourselves in having an open BIM philosophy which means that all parties are free to use their preferred tools, avoiding unnecessary costs and delays at the start of a project due to familiarisation training and establishing protocols.

This allows our supply chain to more easily participate in the BIM process, leaving us to choose the best supplier for the project, rather than the one with the ‘correct’ software.

Fostering continuous BIMprovement

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we work closely with our supply chain to assess their BIM capabilities. We can then tailor a structured training plan around their specific requirements, thereby continuously working to upskill our supply chain. By working with our supply chain to provide them with the necessary training and support, we can ensure that we have the right suppliers in place to meet our BIM content target.

The enthusiasm and commitment towards BIM from our existing project teams is already clear to see.  We are fully embracing BIM processes on many schemes and our clients are reaping the benefits. 

Local government

Interserve is an intelligent and strategic partner with deep experience of supporting local government.

Health and social care

Constantly coming up with new ways of working to assist in the quality of patient care.


Interserve works to improve educational outcomes in localfor pupils, staff and communities across the UK and Ireland.


The buildings in which businesses operate are vital to a functioning economy and a productive workforce.

BIM should make your heart sing
BIM should make your heart sing

Why BIM is so important to Sustainable Construction.

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