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Employee forum

    MyInterserve - engagement portal

How do I use the forum?

The aim of the forum is to build an Interserve community to help you to meet other people also working for Interserve.

To help you find your way around the forum, please read the guide below. If you have any further questions, email

What are the Rules?

  • Post all comments and replies in a polite manner.

  • Be helpful as much as possible by ‘liking’ topics and leaving helpful replies.

  • Use descriptive topic titles & descriptions.

  • Avoid double posting.

  • Search to see if there is already a solution to your question.

  • Enjoy yourself!

How do I set up a forum category?

We have set up forums to get started, but are open to ideas to help guide conversations. Please email your idea for a new forum to

How to I post a topic to a forum category?

Click on the forum that represents your topic. For example, click on ‘community and charity’ to share a charity story. Click ‘create a topic’ and add a descriptive ‘topic title’ and ‘description’.

Once you have posted your comment, please check it as you have only 15 minutes to make changes.

How do I respond to a topic?

Select the topic and click ‘reply’ or ‘like’. Once you have posted your comment, please check it as you have only 15 minutes to make changes.

If you are unhappy with your comment or reply after 15 minutes, please email

How do I add an image in my topic or reply?

There are two ways that you can add an image:

  • Upload a small image from your device by selecting ‘upload image’

  • To upload a larger image, select ‘img’ and enter a URL of an image used elsewhere on the web such as instagram, facebook, Twitter.

How do I add a link in my topic or reply?

When you leave a comment, click link. This will open a box to insert your link to an external website or a forum conversation.

I have an enquiry about my pay and need to contact human resources. Do I leave my question on the forum?

The best way to submit your questions to the human resource teams is to go to our contact page and find the relevant contact details for your division or company.

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