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Maintaining security and stability in today’s complex global environment is a major challenge for national governments. 

Decades of experience gives Interserve a deep understanding of the defence and national security arena, and the unique ability to integrate a wide range of capabilities and expertise. This inspires confidence in our capacity to meet governments' and society's current and future strategic requirements.

Our skilled in-house team understands the complexities and context of our customers' requirements which means that we can identify, design and implement innovative, pragmatic, responsive and adaptive solutions.

Our responsibility also extends to the communities we serve. We are proud to be a signatory to the Armed Forces Corporate Covenant supporting current and ex-military personnel and their families. We take a proactive approach to sustainability issues and we are actively working with individuals trying to establish new businesses.

Therefore, delivery in today's terms is not merely providing more of the same or adding value whenever possible but about being transformational, confident and inspirational.

Facilities management

Interserve has been providing facilities management services to UK industries for over 20 years.


Operating nationally and internationally, we deliver a range of consultancy and professional services for clients.


Interserve has a formidable track record of leading the way on complex and challenging projects.

Latest Research
Getting social in defence supply chain.
Getting social
in the defence
supply chain