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Constantly coming up with new ways of working to assist in the quality of patient care.

As the UK population grows and life expectancy and resources are increasingly constrained, demands on the NHS and local government are expanding and becoming more complex. What’s more, public and private healthcare providers operate in a competitive environment where funding depends on their ability to attract patients.

We partner with acute mental health and primary care facilities to help cut costs, not care. We help them to explore new ways to use their assets more effectively and help them in their aims to deliver innovative pathways of care for patients.

With our joined up approach between design and construction, estate redesign, facilities management and a more patient centric model of care, we deliver enhanced utilisation of facilities and improved efficiencies. With our provision of services to patient hotels, and in delivering care at home through Interserve Healthcare, we are reducing in-patient numbers, hospital operating costs and supporting improved clinical care.

Our innovative approach explores new ways of commissioning services and managing facilities to:

  • Ensure hospital estates are fit for current and future needs
  • Deliver high-quality patient experiences
  • Remain competitive in an era of patient choice
  • Reduce in-patient numbers
  • Drive down operating costs while improving clinical care.

Our experienced team includes healthcare professionals with an expert understanding of clinical pathways from acute and mental health through to primary care facilities. This gives us a unique insight into the technicalities of providing clinical care and looking after patients.

In addition, our experience of healthcare frameworks (ProCure21, Procure21+, Designed for Life: Building for Wales, and Health Frameworks Scotland) and PFI projects over 25 years has enabled us to establish long-standing relationships with some of the most respected NHS Trusts.

Our strong public service ethos means we put service quality above all else. We are proud of our unrivalled track record of successful delivery ahead of time and below budget.

Estates funding solutions for NHS Trusts

University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust uses its commercial estates development partnership to deliver innovative property funding solutions.


To ensure your building or estate gets a superior clean, the first thing we do is apply some simple science to it.

Facilities management

Interserve has been providing facilities management services to UK industries for over 20 years.


Interserve has a formidable track record of leading the way on complex and challenging projects.

Healthcare staffing

Through Interserve Healthcare, Interserve supplies qualified and experienced healthcare professionals to all areas and specialities of the healthcare sector and industry.

Changing rooms for the better in healthcare

How do you cut costs in healthcare while improving the quality of patient care and services?

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