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Charity and volunteering

Charity and volunteering

Interserve Employee Foundation

The Interserve Employee Foundation (IEF) is a registered charity set up to encourage and coordinate employee volunteering.

The foundation is organised by volunteers at Interserve who are passionate about improving the lives of people in the communities where we live and work. This includes involvement in regional, national and international community, charitable and volunteering activities.

Last year the IEF celebrated 5,950 employee volunteering days completed, 320 charities supported and £246,000 raised on behalf of charitable organisations. For further information and examples of how the IEF has helped communities where we live and work, visit the IEF Facebook page.

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Give A Day Of Your Time

We believe in walking the talk and encourage all our employees to support the IEF in a way that means something to them. Give a day of your time is an initiative encouraging all employees to use a day of paid leave to volunteer for a charity or community organisation that needs help.

Our people have achieved some amazing things by helping on their volunteer days, such as cycling, running and swimming thousands of miles, sorting through enough donated clothes to fill an entire room and recycling 180kg of cans.

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