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COVID-19 – Responding, Returning, Reshaping

Responding to COVID-19 with our clients, colleagues and suppliers

Shaping the future 'normal'

The world is looking different. We’re all feeling different. We’re all having to work differently.

Using our expertise, experience and caring approach, we can help you to adjust to the new normal and adapt your workplace and services to keep everyone safe to drive your business forward.

  • We’re on the case: We’ve already put extensive measures in place to protect our colleagues’ and clients’ safety, wellbeing and experience in their own workplaces, as well as in ours

  • We’ve responded and adapted quickly: We’ve maintained a flexible approach to help our employees and clients according to their differing needs. We’re able to customise and target our response more effectively with our unique ability to deeply understand our colleague and client experience journeys in their different environments

  • We’re planning for the future: We’re thinking ahead to how the future workplace will look, function and feel, with or without COVID-19. We have a wealth of expertise and experience to help you to be as prepared as possible for a new set of challenges and opportunities

Our expertise has been called upon to support major UK projects in the fight against COVID-19 and keep our clients' vital national services running:

We helped launch two Nightingale hospitals



We’ve helped to keep Network Rail employees and passengers as safe as possible and enable them to keep on the move


We’ve helped keep the BBC up and running and on air

We're supporting our employees to stay safe, wherever their workplace may be