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Water safety


Prioritising our environmental impact.

Interserve has experts across a broad range of water-based disciplines. Committed to being the greenest Water Services company in the industry we have created Eco-Tech, a range of products and services to help our customers save energy and reduce their impact on the natural environment.

Our Eco-Tech range includes:

  • Energy reduction
  • Alternative water source services
  • Low impact chemicals
  • Minimising effluent discharge

Beyond our Eco-Tech range of services and products, Interserve adopts an environmentally-aware approach to business, demonstrated by our ISO 14001 accreditation.

We take a proactive approach to minimising our carbon footprint and improving energy efficiencies for our own business as well as that of our customers:

  • Chemical packaging from our customers premises recycled using our in-house facility
  • Re-mapping of company vehicles to improve fuel efficiency
  • Journey tracking to ensure vehicles are being driven in an economical manner
  • All colleagues environmental trained
  • Implementation of LEAN programmes to maximise supply chain efficiencies, reducing environmental impact
  • Use of low energy lighting and other fuel efficient technologies in our premises

Energy reduction

The most common method of controlling Legionella in water systems is by use of temperature. Whilst successful, it does require hot water to be maintained above 600c which has an associated energy cost.

By use of our patented Chloroxy-tech SCD™ system temperatures can be reduced, significantly reducing energy output and the associated cost. In addition our system also reduces scale and corrosions making water systems more efficient and longer-lasting.

In addition it removes the risk of scalding without recourse to expensive thermostatic mixing valves.

Alternative water source services

We work with customers to install, treat and maintain a range of alternative water sources such as bore holes and rainwater harvesting systems creating substantial cost savings and making best use of natural resources.

Low impact chemicals

All chemicals used in our processes are regularly reviewed in line best practice and current regulation. Our proactive procurement team constantly explore new products to market to ensure we are offering the most effective solution whilst minimising environmental impact.

Our own blending facility allows us to reduce our carbon footprint, reducing the movement of diluted product through the supply chain.

Minimising effluent discharge

We can work in a number of ways to reduce effluent discharge with our customers. This can be through use of specific chemical treatment or through a bespoke grey water recycling system. Our technical advisors can test effluent through our in-house laboratory to create a bespoke solution for each customer.

Water treatment

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