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Strategic report

    2014 full annual results

Strategic report

Our strategy

A look at how we deliver sustainable shareholder value.

Operations at a glance

A snapshot of the markets in which we operate.

Our business model

An overview of how we run our business.

Our model in action

Examples of the breadth and impact of our work.

Where we operate

A birds-eye view of our global footprint.

Protecting our business

A summary of the risks facing our business.


Measuring our financial and non-financial performance.

Operational review

An in-depth look at our performance in 2014.

Principal risks & uncertainties

How we manage risk at Interserve.

Sustainability review

An in-depth look at our sustainability performance in 2014.

Financial review

Financial highlights of 2014.

Full 2014 Annual Report

Download the full 2014 annual report

Interserve has 175,000 items of data collected to measure our #sustainability targets #ingenuityatwork