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High-tech ‘Factory 2050’ project completed

    2015 annual results

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High-tech 'Factory 2050' project has been completed

Interserve completed the construction of ‘Factory 2050’, a £43 million, next generation factory for the aerospace industry at the University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, in late 2015.

The factory, which is due to be fully operational by the end of 2016, is the first of its kind in the UK – a fully reconfigurable assembly and component research facility, capable of quickly switching production of different components and parts.

Factory 2050 combines technologies including advanced robotics, flexible automation, unmanned workspace and off-line programming in virtual environments linked to plug-and-play robotics. Other capabilities include 3D printing from flexible automated systems, man-machine interfaces along with new programming and training tools.

The facility is one of the world’s most advanced factories and is the first building on a new Advanced Manufacturing Campus at the Sheffield Business Park, where up to one million square feet of new research facilities will be built over the next decade.