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RMD Kwikform supplies formwork and shoring to the Dubai Ritz Carlton


Ritz Carlton Hotel in Dubai Marina

The project was to construct an additional guest wing and annex building, which include a ballroom, car parks, spa and conference facilities. This has expanded the existing Ritz Carlton's capacity and encouraged new business.

Arul Raja, RMD Kwikform Sale Manager, explained: "RMD Kwikform has worked with contractors Khansaheb Civil Engineering LLC on several occasions and they always present us with challenging projects that require a high level of expertise when it comes to engineering and project management.

"Khansaheb Civil Engineering LLC came to RMD Kwikform because it needed a formwork and falsework supplier that could provide an effective engineering solution to the challenging job at hand, on time and on budget all while maintaining impeccable safety standard.

"This particular project required three separate engineering solutions involving different formwork due to the structural variations of each section of the job.

"The additional guest wing and the annex building are joined together by a new core wall. In order for the two areas to be constructed the core wall needs to be progressed ahead as it acts as a support wall for the guest wing.

"For this section of the project, arguably the most important, RMD Kwikform's Rapidclimb climbing formwork system is being used to ensure the core wall is always two to three floors ahead of each wing to provide support for their construction.

"For the extension of the guest wing a galvanised heavy duty prop tableform system was utilised due to its quick and easy application to flat slab areas and flooring. The floors can be constructed with relative ease and once the slab has cured, the tableforms are simply moved into position for the next stage of this section of the build with no dismantling and re-erection required.

"The annex building was the more challenging of the two areas due to the nature of its construction. Its design includes drop beams and level differences meaning that adaptable and versatile equipment is necessary to cope with these irregularities. Therefore RMD Kwikform's engineers employed a Rapidshor formwork system with both Aluminium and GTX beams, utilised due to its ability to lengthen, shorten and work at different angles, eliminating the need for the fabrication of bespoke formwork. Again, this formwork is easily disassembled and applied to the next stage of the process.

"Not only have these innovations saved on resources but have also led to a cleaner, clearer site, resulting in a faster work rate and a high standard of health and safety benefitting the workers and allowing RMD Kwikform to adhere to its budget and tight schedule."

Jason Sams, Contracts Manager at Khansaheb Civil Engineering LLC commented: "We are extremely pleased with the work that has been done by RMD Kwikform and it is what we have come to be expect from our experiences of them on past projects.

"The equipment RMD Kwikform has supplied has made the job very simple and is very easy to work with and any problems we do have, an RMD Kwikform Site Assistance Technician is available to assist in putting them right, saving time and money. Having RMD Kwikform SAT's on site has also ensured that the level of health and safety in the work place is of a very high standard.

"Work on the concrete structure at the Ritz Carlton Hotel finished in July 2011 and this section of the project was completed within the parameters of time and budget agreed with RMD Kwikform. The service RMD Kwikform supplies is what sets it apart from other formwork suppliers who don't offer the back-up service we have found so valuable, ensuring our return custom"

Arul Raja continued: "In addition to the engineering solutions, RMD Kwikform also provided on-site assistance for the project. With RMD Kwikform Site Assistance Technicians on hand the customer was able to query any concerns or difficulties, ensuring the development ran smoothly with as little impediment as possible.

"This is just another part of the service RMD Kwikform provides to its customers. Customer service is paramount, especially in this industry where issues can be unpredictable and need to be rethought, making sure that our customers get the support they need is RMD Kwikform's top priority.

"This project is a fine illustration of the work ethic RMD Kwikform is founded on and will continue to pursue and promote in the construction sector."


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Global formwork and shoring provider RMD Kwikform was contracted by Khansaheb Civil Engineering LLC for client Mohammed Saeed Al Mulla and Sons to supply a safe and efficient engineering solution and on-site supervision of structural works to the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Dubai Marina, UAE.