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Sandwell Infrastructure and Construction - Eagle Recovery Centre & roundabout


Eagle Recovery Centre & roundabout

The project at the Eagle Lane site was to design and build a new waste transfer facility capable of processing 1,700 tonnes of waste and recycling each week collected from homes across the borough.

The construction scope of works included:

  • 4,460m2 waste bulking hall
  • Office and welfare building
  • Three weighbridges with weighbridge building, associated drainage ducting and road works
  • A new access road and roundabout to improve entry to the works and provide a safer junction for the public
  • Refurbishment of a substation.


The council owned brown field site was identified as an area for investment and rejuvenation by Sandwell MBC. The site was a challenge due to limited space, poor and variable ground conditions, mining works, ground contamination and UXO discoveries.

We overcame them by thorough ground preparation design under the final scope of works. This included demolition requirements for the existing buildings with identification of hazardous materials and underground tanks & structures with protection requirements for existing structures and properties adjacent to the site. This included the demolition of 10 industrial units with breaking up and processing of the concrete floors and re-processing for use as sub base.

We undertook mine grouting across the site to prevent ground collapse or differential settlement. This included the grouting and capping of seven mine shafts and the grouting of two coal seams under the site with the lower seam at approximately 40 metres below ground level. A grout wall was installed to perimeter of the site and the area then treated on a grid pattern. Five grouting rigs were working on the site during these works. Additionally ground stabilisation works were undertaken to provide a uniform bearing capacity under the area of the waste transfer buildings, office and welfare building and the odour control unit and fire sprinkler tank. Over 1,400 vibrated stone columns were installed over the area of the buildings.

Bulking and transfer hall

The bulking hall is a steel portal framed 40 metre span building with 5 metres high concrete push walls. Steel fibre reinforced concrete was used for the floor as it required high abrasive resistance. There is also 9,000 metre squared of roads and hard-standings constructed using fibre reinforced concrete.

Fast acting roller shutter doors

The building was sized to allow flexible operation of the facility during the busy times. Automatically controlled fast acting fabric doors allow fast entry to the building and prevent odours escaping. A traffic light system is employed to ensure even distribution of waste and facilitate the efficient entry and egress from the building. To enable the delivery operation to work smoothly vehicle tracking exercises were also carried out to ensure vehicle movements inside the building and out on site do not cause any disruption.

Odour control

Odour inside the building is controlled by maintaining good operational practices as well as an activated carbon odour treatment plant. The odour control system installed was a dry activated carbon system capable of handling 120,000m3 per hour. The system included two carbon adsorber units and a dry pulse jet filter unit. The odour control plant was designed to provide approximately three air changes/hour for the whole of the building to prevent egress of odorous air from the building. Extract fans fitted with variable speed drives allow the extraction rate for the building to be varied in line with the operations within the building.

Fire protection

The bulking hall is provided with automatic sprinkler protection throughout to protect the entire roof area against structural damage in the event of a fire. The sprinkler system is activated by an air aspirated heat detection system.

Stakeholder engagement

Interserve fully supports localism and promotes SMEs. We attended Sandwell’s Breakfast Mornings where we met local companies to promote the project to them and discuss the relevant works packages available. We advised how they could engage with us to become approved on our supplier database. Packages were also made available through the Sandwell portal which we found highly successful. We liaised with local residents and our immediate neighbours via letter drops and meetings. We maintained a high level of communication and as a result did not receive any complaints.

The completed Eagle Lane Transfer Hub and Welfare Office in Danks Way Tipton has been operational since January 2013.

Project vitals


Sandwell, Birmingham






October 2011 to January 2013

Interserve was construction subcontractor to SERCO to build their waste segregation and bulking facility with associated infrastructure works. This formed part of their 25 year waste PPP contract to Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council (SMBC).