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Corpus Christi Catholic College


Corpus Christi Catholic College

The works comprise two large 4 storey extensions to the existing building and the demolition of small lean to structures added through the past 40 years giving the building a facelift and providing valuable new teaching space. In addition to the new wings, the entire internal arrangement has been stripped back to the shell and remodelled.

Constrained site

The project was carried out with constraints on all 4 sides, It is in a built up residential area, the only access being a single width drive with a primary school and church next door. Additionally, the site is adjacent to a main river prone to flooding. All works were carried out under permits from the Environment Agency.


All asbestos was removed from the 1960s block prior to works commencing.

Live environment

Refurbishment works to the main tower block were phased to enable lessons to continue on unaffected floors. Due to the access, deliveries were managed with an off site holding area. At the site gates a gatehouse with guard and biometric turnstile controlled entry to the site.


  • Materials are all specified from the Green Guide with A or A+ rating.
  • A Considerate Constructors Score of 36 has been achieved .
  • £500,000 of value engineering savings were delivered precontract in order to meet funding requirements. These savings did not adversely affect the transformational impact of the initial design.
  • 800m3 of earth was removed from the local stream to increase the capacity and reduce the likelihood of flooding.

Project vitals


Halton, Leeds


Leeds Building Schools for the Future (BSF)




January 2011 to September 2012


We work with high profile government and private sector clients, delivering everything from minor property services roll-outs to large complex construction projects.

A major, phased extension and refurbishment project at Corpus Christi Catholic College, delivered under the Leeds Building Schools for the Future.