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Circle Housing Group


Circle Housing Group

Circle Housing Group comprises a dedicated team of more than 2,200 staff. They manage 65,000 homes and provide services for around 300,000 people across the UK. Providing general needs, sheltered and supported housing, Circle also has a range of responsive care, support and maintenance services.

In 2005, Interserve was awarded an asbestos management survey contract covering 44,000 homes in Greater London, East Anglia and the West Midlands.

Interserve carried out HSG 264 compliant management, refurbishment/demolition and condition monitoring surveys in addition to carrying out audits on Circle Housing Group’s independent asbestos removal provider.

All the survey information was recorded on our online Amianto Asbestos Database. Survey information was then accessible by the Circle management team and their contractor’s via Interserve allocated individual user logins. The system enables login usage to be audited and monitored to ensure surveys are being reviewed prior to any maintenance work being carried out which may disturb known or presumed asbestos. Ultimately the survey information is available 24/7 to all those who need it, when they need it.

Interserve adopted an effective communication process with Circle and their tenants when carrying out the surveys. Our joint goals were to:

  • minimise appointment cancellations
  • minimise re-bookings due to ‘no access’
  • ultimately achieve KPI joint objectives

Tenants were notified in advance of the proposed date and time to minimise disruption and inconvenience. Interserve also ensured that any special needs for vulnerable tenants were taken into account, including making sure that carers or relatives were in attendance if required.

Interserve policies and procedures ensured any tenants concerns were addressed, all work was carried

  • Designated single service provider for 44,000 homes 
  • Locations in Greater London, East Anglia and West Midlands 
  • Survey information was recorded on our online Amianto Asbestos Database
  • Special needs of tenants were taken into consideration whilst undertaking the surveys

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Greater London, East Anglia and the West Midlands.


Circle Housing Group




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