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MoD Corsham


MoD Corsham

Interserve supports some unique places and environments. One of these is Corsham - the cutting edge global communications hub for the Ministry of Defence. As well as supporting the state of the art facilities for the armed forces, beneath the surface Interserve is also responsible for maintaining 240 acres of tunnels, bunkers and quarry, some dating back to the mid-19th century.

One of the biggest challenges undertaken by Interserve was the removal of the substantial volumes of deadly brown and blue asbestos contained within the mines. Over a period of three years, approximately 400 tonnes of asbestos has been removed and disposed of safely. Despite this there is still asbestos contained within around 1,560 places underground, which is being managed through the MoD Corsham Underground Asbestos Management Plan.

Conditions underground created a unique safety challenge with potential threats including roof collapse and exposure to dangerous hazardous materials including asbestos and radon gas. All were monitored, managed and audited continuously to ensure the underground network was safe for the team carrying out the remediation work.

As if those challenges were not enough the tunnels were also home to a colony of protected bats. The bats’ birthing season meant huge restrictions were placed on any work undertaken underground. Interserve’s expert environmental team ensured that all work was carried out at the right time, dealt with sensitively and in accordance with Natural England’s requirements.

  • Network of 240 acres of underground tunnels, bunkers and quarry 
  • 400 tonnes of asbestos removed in four years 
  • Asbestos removal works managed through MoD Corsham Underground Asbestos Management Plan in accordance with health and safety regulations 
  • Working in accordance with Natural England’s requirements to work around a colony of protected bats

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Safe removal and disposal of 400 tonnes of asbestos from the Corsham underground.


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