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Air service platforms, RAF Brize Norton


RAF Brize Norton

The project was delivered in three phases and included the modernisation of existing transport and refuelling aircraft fleet, the re-location of all aircraft at RAF Lyneham to Brize Norton and the full servicing of the stands.

The new ASP stands now incorporate aircraft hydrant refuelling/defueling facilities, lighting, electrical ground power, communications links and security cameras.

The Interserve solution took account of all safety, environmental and sustainability issues. For example, materials from the existing six parking bays were recycled and used in the new pavement construction, and suitable materials, such as the planings from the abandoned runway and live taxiway, were utilised on both temporary haul road and working platforms. 

Sustainability in practice

Protecting habitat and recycling of material

This project was undertaken by Interserve as part of our joint-venture partnership with Southern Electric Contracting under the PriDE banner. This joint venture is contracted to the Ministry of Defence (Defence Estates acting on behalf of) for the South East Prime contract.

Interserve commenced on site during March 2007. To date, a number of sustainable actions have been taken as a part of achieving the project's principal objectives of providing new aircraft servicing stands and associated taxiways upon a pre-existing grass-land environment, whilst avoiding any degradation to the local environment. These have included:

  • Ensuring that the Works programme has included a provision for the re-location of Great Crested Newts to a newly-constructed habitat and an avoidance of all Works likely to disturb these creatures during their breeding season
  • Potentially recycling spoil material (30,000 m3) generated by the project to improve the drainage conditions within the fields owned by a local farmer. This has also removed approximately 3,500 lorry journeys from the local road network
  • Recycling all existing bitumen-macadam and concrete materials from the former World War II runway. These materials were crushed and utilised within the new aircraft stands and taxiways construction
  • Making provision within our design for storm-water retention facilities to prevent the existing local watercourses, with their specific variety of flora and fauna, being degraded due to a potential wash-through during storm conditions


  • Part of the South East Regional Prime contract
  • 179,000m2 of pavement quality concrete varying in thickness from 300 to 380mm
  • 53,000mof existing paving was re-used in the permanent works
  • 4,500m3 Tubosider attenuation structure and oil interceptor equivalent to four Olympic-sized swimming pools


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Interserve has designed and built Aircraft Servicing Platforms (ASP), capable of accommodating 18 refuelling and heavy transport aircraft, at RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire.