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Bringing state of the art cancer treatment facilities to North East England


James Cook University HospitalAs the Trust’s chosen Principal Supply Chain Partner (PSCP) the work was delivered through the ProCure21 framework (P21).
The work entailed the design and build of a new Radiotherapy Satellite Centre – the Endeavour Unit – and refurbishment works in the hospital. The new unit houses three linear accelerators in their own bunkers, a CT scanner and new outpatient’s clinic.

Our design philosophy for the Endeavour Unit was to create a holistic ambience alongside state of the art cancer treatment facilities. To give a less institutionalised feel, high specification finishes were installed throughout using materials such as Italian tiles for walls and floors and oak for the ceiling. Splashes of colourful artwork featured throughout the unit and low level lighting was designed to give the feel of a luxury boutique hotel – the opposite of a harsh, clinical environment.

Back lit images of serene countryside scenes were incorporated within the ceilings above the treatment tables in the Bunkers and the CT scanner room to encourage patients to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Former designs of the Linac Bunkers incorporated a ‘maze’ with a long corridor featuring 90 degree turns to dissipate radiation. After discussions with the Radiotherapy consultants at the hospital, they felt that travelling down the tunnel-like maze for treatment was an unsettling experience for patients. Working with them, we incorporated ten tonne radiation protective sliding doors hidden within the walls at the entrance to each bunker, thus eliminating the maze and, again, providing a less intimidating environment for the patient.

We looked at innovative new construction methods - in particular the ‘Forster sandwich’ method used for the first time in the UK for constructing the bunkers. This method involved using pre cast concrete panels as the ‘bread’ and recycled blast furnace slag as the ‘filling’. The result was a quicker, more cost effective and environmentally friendlier method of construction allowing greater control of quality and guaranteed radiation protection results.

ProCure 21 plus
Creating holistic ambience alongside state of the art cancer treatment facilities. #JamesCookUniversityHospital

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The James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough, UK


South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust





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Constantly coming up with new ways of working to assist in the quality of patient care.

Interserve was appointed in October 2008 to work with South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to deliver its £34 million visionary project to transform cancer services at The James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough.