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Light Gauge Steel rolled out in Oman


Light Gauge Steel rolled out in Oman

Interserve’s Oman-based construction business, Douglas OHI, partnered with leading steel provider the Hadley Group to offer clients Light Gauge Steel (LGS) - galvanised steel sheets rolled into different sections to form a building’s structural framework.

The majority of the light-weight framing solution is manufactured from recycled steel with cold rolled sections of steel supplied in pre-cut bespoke lengths, reducing material wastage. LGS takes less time to construct and uses fewer natural resources than the traditional steel alternative. On-site noise pollution is also vastly reduced because cutting is virtually eliminated, reducing CO2 emissions.

The use of LSG also reduces construction time by around 30 per cent and has long-term environmental benefits, with better thermal insulation compared to a traditional build. Steel is 100 percent recyclable and uses 60 per cent less energy to convert from scrap than iron ore. Douglas OHI and the Hadley Group recycle all galvanised steel removed in the production process and only source from suppliers who can prove the use of old steel to make new. 


We work with high profile government and private sector clients, delivering everything from minor property services roll-outs to large complex construction projects.

Light Gauge Steel rolled out in Oman