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Working with retailers to reduce costs and provide a better customer experience


Working with retailers to reduce costs and provide a better customer experience

Festival Place facilities management

In a busy retail and leisure environment customer experience and high quality service are critical to drive footfall and keep retailers operating.

With this in mind Interserve provides an integrated facilities management solution to more than 1 million square feet at Festival Place in Basingstoke. Maintaining an average footfall of over 18 million visitors every year, and its high demand on retail space, Festival Place accomodates over 160 shops as well as leisure facilities. Interserve has delivered tailored and flexible support services at the centre since 2002, improving the customer experience whilst creating cost savings.

In addition to providing cleaning, mechanical and electrical, security, and building maintenance services Interserve has taken on additional services in waste management and energy management. The team also support special events that bring additional visitors to the site.

Providing flexible and responsive services

Interserve delivers a responsive and flexible service through its fully integrated management system. This system manages planned work and captures response, service details and requests from the customer and retailers across the site. The team captures real-time information from the field including retailer sites and communal areas, with all data being recorded and allowing full review and total transparency. By directly employing its service teams Interserve has improved response time to 30 minutes or less during trading hours, and has increased its service flexibility. Employees now provide value added mechanical and electrical services and project work in store. These additional maintenance services allow retailers to benefit from a time and cost credit from their core service charge, directly lowering their overall costs.

Making the site and community safer

Interserve has been working proactively with retailers to tackle stock loss through theft this whilst remaining focused on delivering excellent customer care. In collaboration with retailers Interserve helped reduce stock loss by 6% in one year, with one retailer reporting a 20% decrease in loss during the same period. Working closely with the local police, the team benefits from shared intelligence and provide a combined response to improve public safety. A number of team members are also trained as Employee Support Police Specials for Services extended patrolling duties in the wider town centre. The investment in employee training, together with fostering a strong relationship with the local police, has helped not only improve the security at Festival Place but also safety in the wider community.

Cross-training to share knowledge

Passion and enthusiasm is a core strength of the team at Festival Place, underpinned by a service culture that always puts the customer first. All employees receive cross-training in working safely and customer care, as well as professional qualifications relevant to key areas of service delivery. This enhances the partnership whilst providing opportunities for employee learning, training and development. The investment in training allows the team to play a key role in supporting visitors to Festival Place, from assisting with directions and answering questions to administering first aid and fire safety. Employee committees have also been formed to focus on public safety and welfare, and recognition and reward of customer service.

Recognising waste as a resource

Sustainable waste management, improved recycling, and reduced carbon emissions are all significant achievements across this account. Interserve operates an onsite recycling facility that has increased recycling by over 60%, achieving zero waste to landfill, and generating savings of more than £90,000 per annum. Combined with wider sustainability initiatives, Interserve is also reducing energy consumption through the phased replacement of fluorescent lighting with more energy efficient units.

Through flexible and dedicated support Interserve’s service provision has evolved to adapt to the changing support needs at Festival Place. Interserve has generated cost savings, improved sustainability across the site and created a better customer experience for retailers and customers alike.

By directly employing its service teams Interserve has improved response time to 30 minutes or less during trading hours, and has increased its service flexibility.

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