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Are you able to spot a scam?

Are you able to spot a scam?
7th June 2018

Cyber-attacks sent via email (or malicious emails) are a serious threat and a common method by criminals to gain access to IT systems or commit fraud. The costs of these scams in the UK alone is estimated at £27bn, most of which is paid by businesses who fall victim to these attacks.

Scam emails can come in different forms. Here we take a look at what the most common techniques are, give you tips on what to look out for and what you can do to prevent Interserve or you personally becoming a victim of these cyber-attacks:

What to do if you receive a malicious or suspicious email:

  • Keep calm. Read the email carefully. Look out for anything that looks out of place – an email from someone you wouldn’t usually speak to, an unexpected attachment or any incorrect information in the email. If it doesn’t feel right, then there is probably something wrong.
  • Do not download, open or click any attachments or links.
  • Report it as Spam. Click on the Websense “report as spam link” at the bottom of the email (this appears at the bottom of all emails that are received from external sources). 
  • Delete the email. Make sure it’s deleted from your junk and trash folders too.

Information Security is about protecting our data – business and personal data – from unauthorised access, use, disclosure or destruction. This can be achieved to some extent by the technology that we use, but we all have an important role to play in order to properly protect the data that we use every day.


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