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The power of the human touch

Interserve customer experience
12 November 2018


When it comes to workplace experiences, how far can technology go in satisfying the needs of employees and building users?

Iain Shorthose, customer experience director at Interserve, spoke with CX Magazine about achieving balance between technology and the human touch to deliver positive workplace experiences.

Technology such as artificial intelligence, chat bots, sensors and virtual assistants are becoming increasingly popular within corporate work spaces. This is a trend we’ve already experienced in our private lives with retailers, utility companies, restaurants, travel agents and so on, introducing these technologies to enable smoother interaction and engagement. And they definitely play their part.

Employers are applying similar technologies to the workplace to improve productivity, comfort and collaboration for employees and building users. And there is evidence that shows technology does support these objectives - when it’s applied effectively. But how far can technology really go in delivering a positive workplace experience: where should the human touch begin and technology end?

Read the full article here to find out more.


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The power of the human touch

When it comes to workplace experiences, how far can technology go in satisfying the needs of employees and building users?

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