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Interserve's Workplace and Customer Experience team delivers pioneering service to create value for clients

Interserve delivers pioneering service to create value for clients
28 January 2020

Interserve's Workplace and Customer Experience team delivers pioneering service to create value for clients

Our Workplace and Customer Experience team is delivering pioneering work ensuring clients make the most out of their estate.

The team was formed in 2015 and has a breadth of knowledge acquired through supporting complex total facilities management (TFM) contracts across the UK and abroad in both the public and private sector. Their work provides an excellent example of the added value Interserve brings to contracts.

Iain Shorthose , Workplace and Customer Experience Director, heads the 15-strong team which has just published “A report on workplace effectiveness” which shows how Interserve’s Workplace Effectiveness methodology can optimise the workspace. Following the report’s publication, the team has been reconfigured to provide a new emphasis on the workplace.

He said: “I believe Interserve is uniquely placed because we can conduct the research, use our experience and methodology to interpret the data, implement the changes needed to help our clients realise their strategic business objectives and then continue that evolving process during maintenance of the contract.

“Lots of FM organisations talk of wellbeing, wellness and bring technology into the mix by discussing connectivity. They think in terms of workplace optimisation and how to get the most out of the square footage that the organisation covers. Others have excellent diagnostic tools and carry out superb surveys which indicate what their staff want and need.

“What Interserve brings to the table is the ability to combine all of these elements while also having the methodology to use the data to make changes to the workplace in order to develop it according to our clients’ needs.”

The Workplace Effectiveness Index methodology represents a unique approach to measuring and improving the workplace by focusing on the productivity and wellbeing of the people who use it. It identifies three key factors to allow organisations to understand how the workplace is performing:

  • Physical - the functional aspects of a building and physical environment that enable colleagues to fulfil their role
  • Sensory - aspects within the workplace that influence cognitive performance and productivity
  • Emotional - how an employee feels about an organisation and their role within it.

The results produced by surveying staff according to the Workplace Effectiveness Index highlights the physical features and services that building users want improved. The Index provides a Workplace Index Score, a robust measuring system which helps organisations understand how their workplace is performing and to benchmark against other businesses. The Index also lets organisations calculate scores for the different types of employee within their workplace, allowing them to recognise which ‘customers’ of the workplace feel better served than others.

Iain Shorthose said: “The process looks at building user behaviour and everyone’s role in creating a workspace that supports all colleagues and delivers improvements that are targeted and sustainable over time.

“I passionately believe in our ability to provide a holistic FM service which can help clients design, change, manage and maintain estates.

“What marks Interserve out is our relentless focus on putting people to the fore and creating an environment for employees that enables them to perform at their full potential.”


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