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How do I register

MyInterserve Employee Engagement Channel

How do I register?

Registration is quick and easy - you’ll have instant access to great savings, as well as news, competitions and more.

Step one:


Step two:

On the registration form, enter your employee number* and surname. When the system recognises you as an employee, you will be able to fill out the rest of the registration form.

Please note, it can take up to a month for new starters to be able to register.

Register to MyInterserve using your payroll number

Step three:

If the system does not recognise you, it could be because:

  • You need to put a D infront of your employee number

  • MyInterserve is not available to contract /agency workers

If you don't know your employee number, please contact your HR team. If you still have an issue with registration, please email