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Purple Futures named as new provider of probation and rehabilitation services by Ministry of Justice

by Interserve Press Office | Dec 18, 2014

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  • New partnership to manage services for up to 25 per cent of low- to medium risk ex-offenders in England and Wales for seven years
  • Rehabilitation services to be expanded and new ‘through-the-gate’ support provided for offenders on short-term sentences
  • Purple Futures pledges to support offenders towards achieving ‘stable lives’
  • Partnership pledges investment in new training systems and processes to safeguard public protection
  • Collective contract values worth circa £600 million over seven years

The Purple Futures partnership, a new partnership of private sector, charities and social enterprise, will be providing probation and rehabilitation services in five areas of the UK from February 2015, the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has confirmed today.

Purple Futures, led by Interserve, the UK-based FTSE-listed support services and public services company, together with the charities Addaction, Shelter and P3, and the social enterprise 3SC, will manage services in Greater Manchester & Cheshire; Merseyside; West Yorkshire; North Yorkshire, Humberside & Lincolnshire and Hampshire, which together account for over 40,000 offenders each year.

From 1 February, the partnership will assume legal ownership of five Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRCs), and the management of around 2,000 probation service personnel. It will deliver probation and rehabilitation services for the majority of offenders, however, high-risk cases will remain under the jurisdiction of the National Probation Service.

The services form part of the MoJ’s Transforming Rehabilitation (TR) programme, and will for the first time see business working with local specialist and voluntary groups to provide support to offenders, to improve their life chances on release and reduce reoffending rates.

Yvonne Thomas, Managing Director of Justice at Interserve, lead partner of Purple Futures, said:

“We recognise that offenders have the potential to change – and we will work together to help them realise this, while delivering their sentences. We will provide opportunities to reform for all - but always with the safety of both the public and our staff as our priority.

“We are confident in our plans and keen to start by working with our new colleagues. We understand that the past months have been a period of anxiety for many. However, we will be acquiring a very stable operation from the probation service and we have a unique opportunity to build an integrated approach to the rehabilitation of offenders. The inclusion in scope of offenders serving under 12 months and a resettlement service that focuses on reintegration into the community are exciting new opportunities for us to work together to support offenders in their journey towards stable lives.”

From 1 February, a number of new initiatives will be implemented by the partnership:

  • Investment in new training, systems and processes to ensure that public protection remains the top priority, with probation specialists trained in public protection. Rehabilitation services will be expanded and refreshed.
  • A ‘through-the-gate’ service to prisoners. Purple Futures will also manage offenders on licence and post sentence supervision. This will include those on sentences under 12 months, who previously fell outside the remit of the probation service.
  • Purple Futures will deliver the sentence of the court, and in particular the new rehabilitation activity requirement sentence (as required under the new Offender Rehabilitation Act), using this opportunity to work with offenders to address the causes of offending.
  • A 48-hour ‘intensive service’ will be provided for the most vulnerable prisoners to support them on release, including a person to meet them on release, accommodation and specialist support for those mental health issues or with drug or alcohol addiction.
  • The creation of job opportunities for ex-offenders, including by working with them to set up social enterprises.

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For further information please contact:

Rhys Jones, Interserve Press Office 0118 932 0123
Michael Kinirons, Capital MSL 020 3219 8816

Notes to Editors

  1. For interviews with Yvonne Thomas and spokespeople from the partnership, please contact the Press Office for further information.
  2. For more information about the Transforming Rehabilitation programme, visit:
  3. As part of the MoJ’s proposals, 21 Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRCs) were established in June 2014 to provide probation services to medium- and low-risk offenders. In addition a new National Probation Service under the Ministry of Justice will retain management of the most high-risk offenders in society.
  4. For more information about Purple Futures, visit

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