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Interserve provides insight into how FM companies are helping Britain get back to work

by Interserve Press Office | Jun 04, 2020

Interserve provides insight into how FM companies are helping Britain get back to workInterserve’s Jon Connolly has provided a fascinating insight into how facilities management (FM) companies have supported UK industry during the lockdown and partial re-mobilisation, in the hopes that others can learn from his experience as Britain goes back to work.

Mr Connolly is an Industrial Contract Manager in Interserve’s Business and Industry business unit and delivers FM to one of the UK’s leading manufacturing companies.

Interserve provides cleaning, maintenance and associated services to the major company. The production facility includes eight production lines and covers seven square miles. Ordinarily, Interserve has 300 employees on the account.

After production was halted, Mr Connolly had just two-days’ notice to plan before FM provision was required on site to support ramp up.

Mr Connolly said: “We played a key role at the site during lockdown because we needed to undertake a range of tasks to ensure the facility would be in good condition once restrictions eased.

“This included operating water pipes to ensure that legionella would not form in stagnant water, fixing burst pipes and providing light cleaning duties.”

Interserve and the manufacturer strictly adhere to all government guidance in relation to social distancing and personal protective equipment (PPE). Interserve un-furloughed a number of colleagues willing to return to work.

Mr Connolly said: “As the situation changed, we were the first back on site. Two production lines were being switched on, so our teams concentrated on making these safe.

“That process has included meticulously and regularly cleaning touch points, rest areas, toilets, the turnstyle and everything from the car park to the production facility which we felt could be a potential COVID-19 hotspot.

“We have increased the shift staffing levels to increase the cleaning service we deliver, and we have also begun procuring our own sanitizing agents. Previously that was the client’s responsibility, but due to Interserve’s expertise in this area we were able to step up to the plate as procuring such items has become increasingly complicated.”

The plant now has one-way systems from the car park through to the facility to ensure that social distancing is enforced. Production is expected to increase in June, although this will still be someway off a return to normal.

Mr Connolly added: “Some colleagues were concerned about coming back to work and I think that is only natural. However, the measures we have in place here put safety first.

“We took account of our colleagues’ age, medical history and whether or not they needed to be at home to carry out caring duties. It obviously creates challenges, but I am proud of the way we are safely delivering this service. The client has acknowledged their approval too.”

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