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Interserve Colleagues Earn Commander British Forces Awards

by Interserve Press Office | Jun 12, 2020

Interserve Colleagues Earn Commander British Forces Awards

(left to right) Interserve’s Neil Brentley, Sam Tatton-Scattergood together with Wing Commander CAIB (centre) and flanked by Harold Henry and Gordon Taylor.

Four of Interserve’s colleagues have won a prestigious Commander British Forces South Atlantic Islands Award for the work they have done supporting the maintenance of key vehicles used by the UK Armed Forces.

The award was presented by Wing Commander John Kane Commander Ascension Island Base (AIB).

Ascension Island is a remote volcanic island in the South Atlantic Ocean. It is one of four foreign military bases that Interserve provides best-in-class total facilities management services to as part of its Permanent Joint Operations Bases (PJOBS) contract with the Defence Infrastructure Organisation. PJOBS also includes the UK Armed Forces military facilities on Gibraltar, the Falklands Islands and Cyprus.

Interserve’s Mechanical Transport Maintenance Team - which consists of Neil Brentley, Gordon Taylor, Harold Henry and Sam Tatton-Scattergood - earned the accolade for the work they have done maintaining the fleet during the past six-months.

Allan Machattie, Interserve’s Airfield Operations Manager, said: “The Mechanical Transport team richly deserve the praise they have been given because they regularly have to think outside of the box to maintain, and in many cases reactivate, an eclectic and disparate collection of specialist military vehicles in a harsh environment with a lengthy and complex military supply chain.

“The problems this creates cannot be overstated. Their enthusiasm, skill, ingenuity, and initiative allied to a magnificent work ethic has resulted in the recovery of 20 per cent of the fleet during that period.

“Through painstaking investigative work, they identified and rectified all of the faults, saving the Ministry of Defence a significant amount of money by negating the need for the purchase of new vehicles and the associated transportation costs.”

Their efforts have ensured AIB has had the vehicles required to support operations and visiting units.

Mick Hill, Interserve’s Account Manager, added: “The team’s attention to detail, meticulous planning and long hours mean they are now ahead of the maintenance schedule, despite the significant difficulties encountered working in Ascension Island.”

Brian Talbot, Managing Director for Interserve’s Defence and Central Government Business Unit, said: “The work applauded by Wing Commander John Kane to maintain vital equipment to support the smooth running of the Ascension Island Base illustrates the crucial role that outsourcers play. Because of the unrivalled expertise that our team on the island has, we are able to save the military money and help maintain the base’s operational effectiveness.

“The excellent work we undertake delivering TFM to the military’s Permanent Joint Operating Bases is only one example of the work Interserve does to support the military. We are also committed to delivering a best-in-class service to the UK Armed Force’s training estate and numerous other contracts across the UK.

“We are proud of the services we are undertaking to support the UK Armed Forces.”

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