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Facilities management for corporate environments

    facilities management for commercial properties


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Buildings and spaces are things we know a lot about. And connecting people with buildings and spaces is what we pride ourselves on. We know your space is unique. So is your business, and so are your people. We get it. So let's talk more about your space and how we can support it to perform at its best.

At Interserve we make places work better. We do this by really understanding what matters to our clients and to their people. And by bringing new ideas to the table – really putting ingenuity to work.

So, whatever your work space - from a national corporate brand or head office through to a smaller regional work space - we can help your property, your workspace, and consequently your people to perform better. Our integrated and total facilities management solutions help over 2,000 private sector brands make measurable improvements to their working environments every day


research: the science series

During our two-year workplace experience research project, together with Advanced Workplace Associates, we: defined the concept of the workplace experience; presented the best available science on knowledge-worker productivity, cognitive performance and consumer experience design; offered guidelines on how to best design successful working environments; looked at the consumer world to identify how to engender brand loyalty and build relationships that keeps our employees committed and happy; and identified the practical steps businesses should take to create better workplaces. 

Read our five research reports below, and visit our insight hub to read our blogs about workplace experience.


Our final report highlights our key findings across our research and sets out a practical toolkit for businesses to create better workplaces.

REPORT 4: Designing for workplace consumers - learning from excellent customer experience

In this report we take a detailed look at the lessons we can learn from the consumer-facing world that help us better support employee needs in the wor...

REPORT 3: Designing and delivering effective workplace experiences

This latest report sets out a process for defining and creating workplace experiences that align with an organisation's strategic business drivers, enca...

REPORT 2: Decoding the workplace experience

The smell, noise and temperature of the working environment are among the main factors that influence employees’ experiences of the workplace and can im...

REPORT 1: the science behind effective workplace experiences

Create environments that harness knowledge and creativity in employees to create success in business performance.

Breakfast forum whitepapers

We regularly host breakfast forums in London to discuss various aspects of workplace experience with senior property and workplace professionals. So far we've discussed: the importance of placing the end user at the heart of workplace design and change; the role of measurement and data in the workplace experience; and most recently, the part culture plays in creating productive workplace environments. We have published a whitepaper from each of these forums to capture the discussions and debates. Read the whitepapers below. And register your interest here to receive our future whitepapers direct in your inbox.

The role culture plays in creating productive workplace environments

June 2017 - Senior property and workplace professionals discussed ideas and best practice on the part culture plays in enhancing or hindering employee p...

The role of measurement and data in the workplace

February 2017 - The debate highlighted the role that data can play in managing the workplace, but also the need to make sure that as workplace professio...

Buildings matter, but people matter more

September 2016 - The debate emphasised the importance of putting the end user at the heart of everything,



Property Week's recent Workplace Solutions supplement, in association with Interserve, explores in detail what it takes to get the most our of your buildings and your people. Have a look through our articles below, download the full Guide and get in touch with us today to find out how Interserve can support your workplace to become the best it can be.

Toxic offices spur productivity crisis

An alarming number of employees across the globe say they're working in offices that don’t allow them to be as productive as they can be.

read the full article

A recipe for success

Major studies show healthy buildings are housing more healthy workforces, resulting in increased productivity and a positive impact on the bottom line.

Read the full article

Food for (healthier) thought

Businesses, developers and landlords are looking for ways to bring more to the table for their people by using food to increase productivity.

read the full article

Maximum security

The growing terror threat doesn't just present a challenge for the security services and the police; building owners also need to consider the risks.

Read the full article

Big data in the real estate industry

Big data is the big buzzword in business circles at the moment. So what does the future hold for big data in the real estate industry?

read the full article

Interserve's insight hub


case studies

Channeling efficiency at the BBC

Interserve supports the BBC to reduce its UK FM spend through a streamlined total facilities management account.

Read our case study

Providing a world-class support service

Flexible service delivery across more than 2,500 UK locations to meet customer needs.

Read our case study

20% cost reduction
2 million helpdesk calls answered
400 IT hygiene specialists


making buildings work better

Our workplace support is more personal and pertinent – designed around your people and your space to find the solution that best fits your specific needs. We focus on the details to deliver a result that simply makes your building work better: a working environment that is fit for purpose, which impresses visitors, which motivates and engages people, and frees and empowers them to perform at their best.


Interserve offer a range of catering services through our in house catering and nutrition teams. We produce and serve fresh, tasty meals...


We consistently deliver superior standards of cleanliness, hygiene, safety and customer service to make sure buildings get a thorough clean...

Energy management

Our energy management solutions are reducing building energy consumption across the UK to reduce electricity costs and decrease the impact...

Fire safety

We are a leading provider of fire safety services in the UK, offering systems and services to keep your people and property safe.

IT Hygiene

Interserve specialises in removing harmful bacteria from workspaces to minimise the spread of infection, reduce absenteeism and support...


We are one of the UK’s top security companies, delivering intelligence-led security solutions to protect our customers’ people, property, assets...

Waste management

We offer a fresh generation of waste management to reduce our customers’ costs, while aiming to divert 100% of waste from landfill.

Water safety

We offer complete water management to support our customers’ compliance with health and safety regulations, while...

Workplace management

Our expertise enables us to deploy a system of measurement, analysis, redesign and change management to maximise workplace effectiveness...


TUPE transferred over 23,000 employees
25% saving on FM spend
managing 45,000 customer sites


In the commercial property sector alone, we have over 13,000 people managing and delivering support services to over 2,000 customers and workspaces across the UK and Europe every day.

From single service cleaning, security and maintenance, to total facilities management and property management solutions, we believe we can help your building, your workspace, and consequently your people, to work better. Regardless of whether you’re a landlord, managing agent or tenant.

The corporate real estate partner your buildings deserve

Find out more about our service and how you can share in the success we create.

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Delivering ingenuity to retail environments, every day

Find out how you can share in the measurable improvements we have made for our customers.

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setting standards in any environment

By bringing the very best in intelligent facilities management and support services to buildings and workspaces, we can help your people to deliver their best, ensuring working environments run smoothly, safely and efficiently.

Commercial spaces

We set out to make a positive difference and believe that our unique approach, and the talented people we employ to deliver it...

Retail environments

One billion shoppers use environments we support – making Interserve the number one provider for facilities management in the UK’s retail sector.

Professional services

We are delivering first class services that support our customers sustainability initiatives, safety compliance and business continuity plans...